Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day in Pictures

  • I discovered Lifesavers Gummies Fruit Explosions during a run to Kinko's to pick up my printed photo projects
  • Havi and Elgy kept me in the kitchen when they were not napping
  • John and Maggie (my husband's parents) joined us for dinner
  • Dinner consisted of appetizers: caprese salad, crockpot teriyaki chicken, veggies and dip, cocktail shrimp, and potato skins
  • We drank wine and ate finger foods while we watched Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell (and loved it even though it was my second time watching it in one week)
  • During a break from the movie, we opened Valentine gifts and John opened his birthday gift
  • Drank tea with Maggie's homemade banana cake with caramel pecan frosting (YUM!)
We had a nice night and as always, fun with our wonderful company!


corrin said...

Those finger foods look delish!

dom said...

Stranger than Fiction, filmed in Chicago. That little bakery is in the Little Village neighborhood, don't know how they picked it. Not the greatest area, but whatever.....

Daly said...

@ corrin: Thank you! John is an early sleeper so whenever we do dinner, he's ready to go home before desert is even served so forget watching a movie afterwards. This time, finger foods and a movie worked fabulously!

@ dom: Is that where the movie was filmed! We were trying to guess. Have you been to the bakery? Their stuff looked good!

dom said...

Driven by it, never stopped in. something to try tho, I know they put up all kinds of framed pictures of the actors and production of the movie inside though.