Friday, February 22, 2008

This Cannot Be

Shit, shit, shit! I hope I am not getting sick. I rarely get sick and hope now is not one of those rare times. My throat has been sore the past couple days and last evening, it got worse turning to a scratchy throat this morning. I have phlegm buildup in my lungs and have been sucking on throat lozenges all day.

This cannot be but I think I'm getting the cold?! I read some prevention tips, "exercise, eat right, wash hands constantly, don't share glasses/spoons, etc." blah, blah. I do all those things and it's not just to avoid colds. And guess what?! I'm coming down with the fucking cold!

SIGH. Just what I need. A set back in my exercise routine and hard-earned progress. I have been doing so good. Going to the gym every day during lunch or after work and staying active during the weekend like walking/hiking trips to Valley of Fire or Zion National Park or I'll do a plyometrics workout DVD at home.

Groan ... why me?! Why now?!

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