Thursday, February 07, 2008

Small Changes Can Amount to Big Losses

I am all for making small changes in my lifestyle for the better because it is easier to adjust to and all those little things can really add up to big changes. There is an article about 10 Tiny Changes for Big Weight Loss that you might find interesting.

I found these helpful tips that I can apply to my life:
  • See what you eat. Eat your food off of a plate instead of straight out of a jar, bag, or box. I tend to eat out of bags or boxes and almost always eat more than my portion.
  • Don't buy it. Stop buying the food you snack on all day. Just eliminate the temptation. I need to put away what I have already purchased to bring out when I have reached my goal, if I still feel like eating that junk down the road.
  • Watch what you drink. Cut back on or cut out high-calorie drinks like soda, sweet tea, lemonade, and especially alcohol. People have lost weight by just making this one change. I don't consume sugared drinks, my vice is alcohol and if I can cut that down from daily intakes to just the weekend, I can be in better shape!
I hope you've found the tips to be helpful. Cheers (with water, of course) to a healther body!

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