Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Progress on the Oregon Trail - Feb12

Since I started my challenge January 24 on AmericaOnTheMove.org, I've been logging my steps on the cardio machines at the gym or in minutes when I do my workout DVDs. I have taken a total of 115,403 steps and it's amazing to see how far I've "walked" on the (virtual) Oregon Trail when my steps are converted to miles. From the beginning of the trail in Independence, Wisconsin, I have walked through the states of Iowa, South Dakota, and will soon enter Wyoming.
Along this 2,000 mile route, there are trail check points where I've learned about the places and landmarks that the early pioneers have seen and passed through when the great migration west on the Oregon Trail first began in 1843.
Seeing how far I've come, I am excited and more motivated about this journey as I look forward to reaching the end of the trail by the end of my challenge on March 10. Wish me luck!
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