Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Progress of Mr. Chia Turtle

Mr. Chia Turtle is doing well. Much better than the first try. The chia seeds are sprouting much quicker than the first time. The photo below was taken February 2 (on day 7).
This photo below was taken this morning. The seeds on top of the poor guy is having trouble sprouting though. I received a great tip from Margaret to place a bag over him for the first week to combat the seeds from drying out before they sprout.
I realized two things, 1) I can't even keep up with that little cactus in the background (my husband waters it) and 2) Mr. Turtle is still half naked. The seeds on the other half not pictured isn't doing as well. I must need to rotate him then so each side gets equal exposure to sunlight?

Don't let my struggles with our chia pet scare you guys, okay? Believe me, it's just me, not Mr. Turtle's imcompetency. That's why I'm sticking to my day job ... LOL.
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