Monday, February 11, 2008

Poodle Scarf

After a week of cool temperatures (I barely could stand), the sunshine and warmth this past weekend was a nice change. The weather was nice enough for us to open the doors and windows, letting in the fresh air. John worked in the yard while I put the groceries away and our cats enjoyed hearing the sounds of the outdoors and warm rays of the sun.

Other good news this weekend is that I finally completed a scarf since the one I knitted for grandma for Christmas. I used Patons® Pooch and it took three of the 36-yard skein to make this scarf but I was finally able to cast off!

(the scarf in its wee beginnings)
Lastly, I had my hair trimmed and one color applied to it (very...muted, in contrast to the bright red streaks I had before, I know). I'm trying to grow my hair out for the rest of this year and by summer, go light brown with blonde streaks so I have to keep my hair one uniform color, close to my natural color, before I can go dramatic. I guess it's to save frying it too!

It's mid-February and Valentine's Day will already be here before I know it. Geez--how time flies. Hope you have a great week! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow (or this work week) but it only means the three-day weekend will be that much closer.
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corrin said...

oh, that looks so soft!

Daly said...

Yeah, it's soft and was fun to knit. I liked this yarn because it's very forgiving of my mistakes and imperfect stitches.