Monday, February 04, 2008

One Down ... Four to Go

I feel really good about going to the gym for my lunch hour today when on any day, I can always be found eating lunch at my desk and surfing the web or blogging. I am very sedentary at my job and now that I don't have a reason to leave my desk for classes, I've been happily hiding behind my desk.

This morning after "the Big Game", I knew I would be too tired by the end of the work day, a Monday of all days, and would want to go immediately home after work rather than the gym.

So since I still had energy mid-way through today, I took off to sweat it out at the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I tried to stay within my target heart rate zone for cardio of 136 bpm to 153 bpm and was surprised that I still perspired quite a bit. Amazing...I didn't have to pedal at 240 cycles per minute like a crazy woman to feel like I've "worked out", averaging 175 cycles was enough. (I got a heart rate monitor over the weekend. I've had one before that only read my heart rate but this time, I picked a nifty one with all sorts of cool settings there was a booklet that explained HOW I can use the numbers to benefit my training.)

This is summary of my workout:
1,500 steps to gym each way, 6,500 steps on the elliptical trainer for 40 minutes (400 calories burned, 3.90 miles). 33 min. in Zone 4, avg. heart rate 148 bpm/peak 160bpm.

This means I get to log 9,500 steps on the Oregon Trail through America on the Move!

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