Friday, February 22, 2008

NoOOoo ... it cannot be

Sorry I haven't written for the past few days. For the latter part of this week, I haven't been feeling too hot. I was trying to fight a sore throat from what I thought may have been intense breathing through my mouth while I was working hard on the elliptical trainer but this morning became a scratchy sore throat like ... (GASP) the kind you get from the common cold.

I started drinking vitamin effervescent tablets since my suspicions emerged days ago and dousing my food with Tabasco (I think that's my personal vaccine) but my efforts were too little too late.

This afternoon I thought, oh shit, I think I have the cold or flu. I can't tell but I have sore throat and ears, my chest is congested so I have to clear my throat often, and my body aches. We will not be able to go to John and Maggie's for dinner as we had planned. :(

I can't remember the last time I had the cold or flu. I know it has been years. Let me check previous posts ... the last time I recall being sick was April 2005. It has been a while so I guess my streak has inevitably come to an end. All I know is being sick royally sucks my big Flintstone toes! (f$ckin' sh!t c@cks$ck!ng toad, it's not that I don't like being sick. I HATE being sick.)


Annejelynn said...

uh oh - - I may have been your bug's source! I'm sooo sorry! Let me know if you need anything tomorrow! call me!

Daly said...

No way, you're not taking the blame. I think I could've caught the germs at the gym and made it worse by staying in my sweaty cold clothes too long.

I was also in SIS FOCUS training all day on Wednesday and Thursday. The lady sitting next to me was coughing every other second and it was obvious she should NOT have been there (she didn't show up Thursday). I couldn't hold my breath next to her and I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Twice Johnny was sick this winter, once with the flu and the other time with the cold but I didn't catch it. I think I was just broken down from pushing so hard at the gym and not enough break/relaxation time from work. I was starting to feel worn down and couldn't fight off the infection from breathing that woman's breath all day ... lol.

I forgot what a pain it is to be sick. My throat and ears hurt so bad--it's hard to eat. Oh well, maybe I'll lose some more weight out of this!! LOL.