Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Middle Finger

I noticed yesterday that I've curiously developed a growth in the joint of my middle finger on my right hand. In the proximal phalanges, where the phalanges meets the metacarpals.
The growth felt like a bead or callous underneath the thick skin of my fingers. Puzzled, I observed my daily activities for the cause to this abnormality. I certainly don't have this problem in the joints of the other fingers.

I think it could be one of two things 1) repetitive movements on my computer mouse or 2) from shifting the gears of my car.

Theory #1: the mice. I have this mice (pictured below) which is ergonomic. Since I'm right-handed, I use my thumb for the left click, my ring finger for the right-click, and my middle finger to rotate the optical track ball to move the cursor. I love it because it saves my wrist from rotating left and right to move the cursor around on the screen. But did the repetitive movement of my middle finger cause this problem? (I also noticed that I use my middle finger on my laptop's touchpad (my husband uses his pointer finger)! What can I say, I love my middle finger...LOL! . Which finger do you use?)
Theory #2: the shift stick. My car is a manual gear and only today did I notice that "the growth" is sensitive when I shift gears. I need to ask my friend who has driven a shift stick, if she noticed the same problem. I really doubt this is the cause as my husband has driven a shift stick for many years as so many people must have out there and no one has reported such a growth on th joints of their fingers.

I need to look into this further because I have not a clue . It is just weird .


Dano said...

I'm guessing computer mouse over the stick. I'd imagine that you would spend much more time on a computer in a given day than driving.
I like to use my middle finger for flipping people off. (actually I probably only use 5-10 times/year).
Funny unrelated is the coach of the UND hockey team got suspended for 2 games for using the middle finger in that manner. People really do overreact in the US to stuff like that.

Daly said...

@ Dan, I suspect it's my mouse too. I think I favor my middle finger for things is because it's the longest finger out of my stubbier fingers.

Today, I'm making a concerted effort to use my pointer finger on the track ball.