Friday, February 15, 2008

Homemade Jerky Time

I am making beef jerky again. This time, I purchased the beef to cut and trim myself, by hand. I take a lot of pride in the process and the last time the butcher block cut my meat by hand (instead of using a meat cutter), they did not cut the slices evenly and so the jerky doesn't dry evenly in the dehydrator. So I figured this time around I can screw it up myself and then I'll have no one to bitch about but myself!
I can never remember what cut of beef I used so I found this image to help me remember. It was top sirloin. A little pricey of a cut for beef jerky and more tender than bottom sirloin and round which I think are the ideal cuts for beef jerky. I think there's better tear and chew in the jerky if I use the tougher cuts.

Oooooh!! [Drooling] I can not wait to go home and taste the jerky!! This time around, I put brown sugar and red pepper flakes on them.
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