Friday, February 15, 2008

Heating Up the Shop

My husband loves working in the garage but during the winter, he stays out of the shop for the main reason that it is too cold and, oh yeah, it can get cold in Las Vegas. I think he needs one of those gas room heaters or a shop heater so that it would be more comfortable for him to work in the garage.

We also store our boat in the garage and currently have a little heater for the engine block to prevent the fluid within from freezing. It's a nice little, quiet electric heater but a shop heater would be even better so both the boat and my husband could stay warm in the garage. garage heaters, gas heaters, propane heaters, radiant heaters, room heaters, shop heaters, space heaters, vent-free heaters, vented heaters. Their website offers some tips and advice on shop heaters that I have found helpful:

When considering a gas shop heater, there are several considerations to make:
  • Size and capacity. Consider the size of your workshop, and buy a heater whose capacity best suits it. This will prevent your heater from overworking, and allow it to provide the most efficient heating possible.
  • Safety precautions. Consider ventilation for your workspace, which is extremely important, especially if you choose a propane shop heater.

The website is a great resource for information and products. I think we'll definitely consider for our next space heating needs.

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