Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Day Back

Went back to work today and so far so good. For the most part, I just sit at my desk on my computer. I don't have walk-in guests and rarely get phone calls. All was going really well until I went down the hall to talk to a co-worker. Then I went into a fit of unstoppable coughs (cough, gag, cough-gag), tears streaming down my face. I was so embarrassed though she kept saying "it's okay" (I'm not sure if she knew I was recovering from being sick).

After that, the coughing became more frequent so I was sent home. I was actually glad to be back at work and to be doing something productive other than veg out on the couch all day trying to take naps with my throat/ear pain. I was ready to sit at work all day rather than the couch for a change. Today wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have to use the common bathroom stalls that we have in our building. You see, in the past few days I've only been able to have chicken noodle soup (nothing else sounded good and the warm broth soothed by throat). But if that's all I'm consuming is a bunch of liquids ... well--what goes in ...

So that was my first day back at work. Maybe I'll stay home tomorrow until I can get some solid food in my stomach and the coughs go away. I didn't realize how much effort it took just being at work though I'm still sitting all day. Whew.

I write all this because someday, I can look back at these posts about being sick and it will remind me to have more empathy because damn if I ever get sick again (which I hope won't happen for years and years to come, maybe forever and ever).

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