Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cycling for Hobby

A while back, I mentioned in a previous post that my husband is going to get back into cycling, a sport he loved in his teenage years. He hates to exercise but cycling to him is fun so I support that. He first got a Cervelo but after riding it several times thought it was too small. Well...he didn't put it that way. It was more like, "I look like a monkey f*cking a football." So he returned the bike. Too bad because Havi (our calico cat) LOVED it. I have photos of her sniffing and rubbing on it for at least an hour but I'm sparing you from kitty photos because this post is about John and his hobby.


So this time around, he picked a Felt and has been riding it since he was fitted. He absolutely loves it (and so does Havi) and enjoys riding whenever he can. I am proud of him because he rides almost every morning for miles around our neighborhood and on his days off. When the conditions aren't ideal for riding outside, he's on his wind trainer. (I ought to hook a gizmo up to his bike so he can generate power for our house or better yet--a knitting machine!)

These bikes are really light, don't quote me but they feel like 3½ to 4½ pounds! Almost everything is made out of aluminum (versus metal) so the bike is as light as possible--even the crank shaft and screws!

I didn't know much about the sport or the equipment involved but it has been an educational experience for me these past few weeks. I am just glad that my husband is doing something he loves and enjoys it because otherwise his bike would just be a fancy jungle gym for the cats.

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