Friday, February 22, 2008

Breaking the Law

Corrin brought up a good point in response to my recent post about the limo tint on my car when she said that Limo tint is illegal in Illinois and Indiana! I wasn't sure about the laws in Nevada so I went to the Nevada DMV, Department of Transportation, and Department of Public Safety to search for the words, "window" and "tint" but came back with nothing that was relevant.

Then I found this website that monitors data feeds from various media sources for the latest changes to the window tint laws in each state. There's some interesting stuff on window tint including 6 Reasons to Tint Your Car--all are applicable to my case.

Then I checked out the Nevada window tint laws and found that:
  • any tint darkness can be used on the rear window and rear side windows (I think that's standard in most states?)
  • but the front side windows must allow more than 35% of light in (my husband just said it's 5% on my car--YIKES!! I'm breaking the law).
He also said I don't need worry, the window tint on the Rabbit may be illegal but doesn't think the law is enforced in Vegas unless I'm driving like a douche bag ([thus drawing attention to my car] okay, is this where that advice about honesty in a marriage apply? Just kidding. I haven't had a ticket in ... eleven years (knock on wood) and, interestingly enough, driving an SUV taught me to be a safer and patient driver. I no longer drive like a bat out of hell in a compact vehicle like I use to be...LOL.)

The past four vehicles my husband has driven in NV have had either a limo tint or the tint was above the legal limit (I think he said 15%) but he has never been pulled over for it so I am not too worried. If I get called on it, I think I can plead for mercy and tell the law enforcement officer, my husband did it (and I'll get him to undo it)!!

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corrin said...

Haha...just don't drive like a douche bag! That's funny.