Friday, January 25, 2008


Found WeeWorld through Corrin and I thought I would make a WeeMee to share.

Very me, I think. There's just a minor detail that is missing. The WeeMee builder does not offer slanty eyes because uh ... HOT DOG! me no round eye (last I checked).

Oh ... and why the frog instead of a cat (to represent Havi or Elgy?)? I've always wanted a pet frog so at least my WeeMee can have a slimy friend.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I can pinpoint almost everything in this weemee and apply it to you...theres the black velour suit your boo got you, martini cause you like those ;). Desert cause...well duh. And the scarf is that one you knitted???? -Kash

Daly said...

LOL ... you got it, Kashmir! The scarf, I have yet to knit. I couldn't find a black one with white dots like the one I also got for Christmas.

corrin said...

i can't get over how everyone's weemee looks just like them!