Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trader Joe's Snacks

I'm here at Trader Joe's to pick up some wine and fresh cut flowers. This chile spiced (dried) mango and sweet & spicy buffalo jerky were calling my name so I had to get them being the snacky girl that I am!

(Now that's an idea...buffalo beef jerky. I can make that on my own now that I have a dehydrator.)


Anonymous said...

Cant see photos :( -Kashmir

Daly said...

Thanks, Kashmir. I got the pics up. :)

Corrin said...

ohhh....the mango sounds good. you must report back.

Anonymous said...

I saw a company called "Damn Good Jerky" on the Food Network. They make 100% natural jerky with no additives/preservatives. They even make a variety called "Death by Jerky"....very, very, hot. Check it out.

Daly said...

Oh yes ... I've had Damn Good Jerky and you got it, Death by Jerky is my favorite of their flavors! The garlic is my least favorite.

Damn Good Jerky is one of my top two favorite jerky brands. The other is Enjoy. Call me a nut but these two are on my Hello Daly: Wish List.

Now you've done it! I'm craving jerky so badly right now...LOL.