Sunday, January 06, 2008

Non-stop Ely to Las Vegas flights

I read on that Great Lakes Airlines will be offering non-stop Ely to Las Vegas flights which probably means the reverse may also be offered: non-stop flights from Vegas to Ely.

Having had the opportunity to take a road trip to Ely last fall, I would not pass up the chance to see the Great Basin and exploring quaint little towns that we passed through White Pine County by taking a non-stop flight. (I have yet to finish documenting all of our trip!)

My husband, his parents, and I plan to make another trip to the great city of Eastern Nevada this spring and you bet, we will be driving.

Great Basin National Park Great Basin National Park Cathedral Gorge Snake Creek Great Basin National Park Hotel Nevada in Ely Rainbow Canyon abandoned mine in Ward Ward Charcoal Ovens Train Depot in Ely, NV
Photos posted by HelloDaly on Flickr album.


Dano said...

As someone who has lived in a state (MI, NY, and MN) that borders one of the Great Lakes for my whole life, I'm always amused by this Great Lakes Airline that flies nowhere near the Great Lakes of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.
Ely will be bustling now!

Daly said...


Dano said...

I'm not up to speed on some of the texting/blogging lingo out there.

What is ROFLMAO??

Daly said...

Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at your comment about Great Lakes Airlines flying nowhere near the Great Lakes. That is so funny and a good point...LOL!

dom said...

These pictures of the mountains and such that I see here and have seen before on this blog are beautiful. I'm mostly a midwestern city type. Whether Detroit or Chicago. Went to Orlando a couple years back and was shocked at how different the air smelled when i got off the plane. The feel and the sights, so different from the grays and browns of the city streets that I was so used to. Went to New Mexico years ago. I remember being in the mountains and looking down in the distance and seeing clouds shadows moving on the ground like in one of your photos. I also like the pictures of the restaurants and hotels you have here. Very neat. Keep up the good work!