Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mr. Chia Pet Turtle Reborn

Mr. Turtle shed his flimsy hair of chia seeds and sprouts in favor of a new coat. This time, I made sure to soak the chia seeds thoroughly until they formed a gel like outer cover. The gelatinous seeds stuck to the grooves of his body which made it easier to spread the seeds over his shell. I also avoided overcoating him with too much seeds to prevent overcrowding and allow each of them room to grow.
If you click on the photo below for an enlarged view, you may be able to see a layer of gel surrounding Mr. Turtle's shell which I think will help to retain moisture around the chia seeds.
I will post photos of his progress and hopefully, we will have better success this time! If not, I'm afraid I will have to feed him to our cats. Okay, maybe not. Just thought I'd scare the seeds out of him ... .


corrin said...

fingers crossed for mr. chia turtle!

Daly said...

Thank you, Corrin!! My husband cautioned me against starting an herb garden I've been meaning to grow until I have success with Mr. Turtle.

Good news, I see some roots start to sprout from him tonight!

Margaret said...

Hey Daly, I'm so excited to see that you're trying again. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you don't mind if I post a photo of Mr. turtle this time around.

BTW, you are right about keeping the water level high! It can dry out really fast. One way to stop that is to tent a plastic bag over the whole thing for the first week. Of course that doesn't look so good....

Daly said...

Hi Margaret,

You are always welcome to post pics of Mr. Turtle anytime you like. I have updated pics I am hoping to post today! He's doing much better this time around.

Thank you so much for the tip, I will do that. The bag is worth Mr. Turtle looking good...LOL.