Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love Is: Delinting

My husband and live with two rambunctious cats and sometimes it feels like we're becoming cats ourselves because our clothes are often covered with their hair despite the amount of vacuuming we do around the house.

Cat hair seems to LOVE clinging on to dark clothes, especially black. Wearing black is practically a what-not-to-wear for the cat owned owners but we can't help it. It's practically in my husband's entire wardrobe.

So this morning, I was wearing my favorite black velour suit and using the lint roller on myself so I don't look like I'm dawning on a cat hair suit. Without me asking or subconsciously hoping for help, my husband took the roller and rolled the hair and lint off my suit. It was a big help to me because I don't always get every spot and the hard to reach places.

(I love you, sweetie, and the little things you do for me.)

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