Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fitness Goal for 2008

I worked my butt off to get down to 127 lbs. just a few months before my wedding. Now, almost two years, two holidays, and two-beer drinking summers on the lakes later, I'm 136 lbs. It's not like surprise, surprise--gasp! I've only recently noticed this weight gain. I have been trying to keep up with full-time classes while working M-F 8-5 and a married life so squeezing in time to exercise was challenging.

Now I am looking to lose about 9 pounds over the next three months. I think that's a very achievable goal but my body has to agree. This time, my goal is not only to lose weight but to get leaner and more toned so I am a fit 125 lbs. Since I'm 5'6", I think that will put me in a healthy BMI range.

I started back on the exercise band wagon last Wednesday. This time I tried not overdoing things so I don't burn out after not seeing immediate results. Surely, ANY physical activity would be better than sitting my bum in my office chair every day (through lunch) since I graduated from college and no longer have classes.

Below is the breakdown in a nutshell (you can invite yourself to my Google calendar for details):

MY "DIET" as in food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health:
Breakfast: protein shake or cottage cheese and tomatoes with a dash of Lawry's salt, coffee with creamer
Snack: 1/2 apple with 1 oz. cheddar cheese
Lunch: steak salad, grilled chicken and vegetables, etc. (usually left overs from dinner)
Snack: other 1/2 apple with 1 oz. cheddar cheese
Dinner: whatever my husband and I cook but we make sure our meal consists of lean proteins, side of vegetables, and salad. We're not big bread, pasta, or rice eaters.

I love music, especially house, dance, tech house, and progressive (my husband got me hooked) and it is THE BEST motivator for me when I am on the elliptical trainer. Check out my label "motivation" for the latest tracks to keep you jammin' and rockin'!

1) Water has always been challenging for me to consume because it tastes ... like nothing (though it serves so many functions in the body: hydration, transport minerals and toxins out of the body, etc.). It doesn't mean that I drink soda. I just drink coffee (and too much of it) and then gin & tonic or wine in the evening (which I have reduced the number of drinks I have since the new year).

So, now I have a 1L bottle of water at my desk and take full advantage of the water cooler at my office.

2) Taking my daily vitamins is worse than drinking water for me though I know nutritional supplements are important (especially since I eat certain groups of food--what I like, and less of other varieties of vegetables and fruits that I don't like as much). Being a women in her 30s on birth control, it is also important for me to take calcium supplements which I have been terrible, terrible about doing.

So, now I have a bag at work full of daily vitamins and calcium supplements in my face so I remember to take them with my meals.

It has been about a week. I will be posting before & after pics to visually measure my progress. No change in the scale (yet) BUT, I am glad that I am doing something and that is 100% better than nothing at all.

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