Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Devil in Disguise?

My niece, Caelia, a/k/a Kitty Terrorist.

Don't get me wrong, we love our niece and that's why I've posted brag photos. She's almost three years old and she can read and write already. I received a card from her mom with wallet-sized photos of her and Caelia wrote on the card, "Hi AUNTiE".

Our cats may always remember her as the Kitty Terrorist but she's our only niece. (My husband doesn't siblings so we won't have nieces and nephew from his side of the family.) All we have is a nephew (Caleb) from my second sister, my niece (Caelia) from my oldest sister, and another one along the way (due in June) though the sex will not be known until birth.

My husband and I do not plan on having children so we can enjoy the perks of having nieces and nephews without the side effects of being parents ... LOL!!


Annejelynn said...

she is so killer cute!!!

Daly said...

Johnny said she's like Havi, cute and cuddly, but is bad news like the Tazmania Devil. ;)

Unknown said...

"Side effects of being parents" yes, you mean avoiding actual adult responsibility and purpose to maintain your selfish and frivolous party lifestyle complete with narcissistic posing in various G strings, who needs family when one has that