Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Steps in a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know how many steps you should take a day for a healthy lifestyle? The numbers below are according to America on the Move, a national initiative dedicated to helping individuals and communities across the nation make positive changes to improve health and quality of life.
I decided to take the 6-week challenge and convert my daily steps into mileage on a virtual trail. Depending on your daily steps goal, there are different trails that you can select: Iditarod, China Silk Road, UK National, Oregon Trail, and Pacific Crest. I chose the Oregon Trail which requires that I average 8,266 steps per day!
Since I started the challenge on Monday, I have averaged 7,928 steps per day so this trail challenges me to increase my daily steps in order to reach my goal by March 10.
There are trail check points along the way, scenic trail stops, and I can also hear the sounds of the trail too! My first check point is Independence, Michigan. You can click the image below for a larger view and read the history of the charter township.
I am excited about my journey. This is one way that I can set small goals to achieve while striving towards the ultimate goal of getting in the best shape possible (but at the least, a beach body by summer)! If you are up for the challenge, join America on the Move and add me ( as a buddy so we can track our individual and group progress and support each other along the way!

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