Monday, January 14, 2008

Cream Scarf with Blue Stripes

I put my basketweave scarf I had started knitting after the holidays on hold and decided to take another whack at the boucle yarn that I had so much trouble knitting with. This time I used a larger knitting needle (size 10.5) and got better results with the garter stitches.

This scarf will be for aunt Leanna, wife of uncle Frank, who lives in Montana. Uncle Frank has Alzheimer's and, since we last saw him in July '07, things are progressing rapidly in the advanced stage of his disease so Leanna is staying home to take care of him full-time. Having a grown person dependant on her for every need makes it virtually impossible to be mobile or for Leanna to leave their home so she's pretty much stuck inside. Her situation is one that can make even the happiest, optimistic person go a little stir crazy and fall into depression. So I thought I would knit her a scarf to cheer her up and send her some of my homemade beef jerky!

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