Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Almost 2008 Resolution

I did not make a resolution this year...or at least one that I thought was significant enough to declare. When I considered having a resolution, I thought about drinking more water, taking my daily vitamins (especially calcium), and tending to my physical health more than ever now that I'm over the hill.

Why didn't I pick one of the more popular resolutions like lose weight? Honestly, I don't think I'll ever resolve to "lose weight" for any new year because I'll just be all gung ho, then burn out, and feel like a failure when I pop and sizzle after not reaching my goal just a few weeks into the new year.

No, I'm not doing that to myself this year. I've learned from successful weight loss a few years ago that slow and steady was the way to go through a sensible diet paired with a consistent exercise regimen (and I've been able to keep the majority of that weight loss off). Easy right? Energy consumption versus energy expenditure. But I don't know how I lost sight of that these past years, trying more aggressive exercises and strict diets when it really wasn't necessary only to gain the weight I had loss back ... and then some.

Over the holidays, I gained about three pounds. Not bad. Only because in between feasting, I was practicing damage control. Not having the time to exercise, I made sure to eat healthy meals in between. Limiting my alcohol consumption to special dinners and a couple per night also helped.

I didn't mention that I gained three pounds from where I had started to try and lose weight accumulated from lazy summers on the lake and a hectic senior year. So I actually have about nine pounds to lose. ( goal was more attainable when I only had six to lose. Okay, I need to stop whining).

Long story short, I am back in the gym but have a different approach than just spinning my legs (no pun intended) on the elliptic trainer to "lose weight". I'm incorporating some strength training into my cardio routine in order to be "leaner and fit". I think I will have better results than cardio alone.
Daly's Goal

Meanwhile, my husband is getting back into cycling after abandoning the sport about 15 years ago. Cycling was something he deeply enjoyed and loved, competing against well-known riders such as such as Jonathan Vaughters, George Hincapie, and Fred Rodriguez when he was a junior cyclist. He won in numerous major junior races in the early 90s from the Giro d' San Francisco to District Championships.

John does not like to exercise but he enjoys cycling and so that will be his approach to achieving his fitness goals.

Johnny's Goal

I started my track towards a fit and leaner body last Wednesday so it's been a week now since I've gone to the gym and increased my water intake (I'm still struggling with taking daily vitamins--yeauck!!). I think I'm going to start journaling my progress on my other blog, Inside Out, which I started almost two years ago in my quest to bring my inner beauty out.


Talina said...

Your resolutions are similar to mine! I just want to be healthier and to take better care of myself.

Good luck on your goals and keep us posted!

Annejelynn said...

I showed these pics to my entire family while we were in keystone, including my lil' bro who touts himself an amatuer cyclist! all were impressed