Saturday, January 26, 2008

20 Bikinis and Growing

I remember one of the first things I collected as a child were soda cans. I'd shake them up, punch a hole in the "0" of the UPC code to drain it, and stacked them up in a staggered fashion (like how beer cans are usually stacked). I admired the assortment I had gathered in my room and eagerly awaited for the release of Coca-Cola's holiday soda cans. Eventually my collection got too large for my room. I was tired of them tumbling down with any slight breeze or vibration in the house so I recycled them and that was the end of my soda can collection.

Since then I've casually collected rocks, pennies (by each year), shot glasses from some of the places I've visited, and t-shirts. I still collect stamps from national parks and pressed pennies which I will have to share in photos soon.

What I didn't realize was how my collection of bikinis have grown over the past couple years. As I organized them this morning, wishfully thinking that summer would arrive already, it occurred to me that my collection of Malibu Strings suits have grown to a nice set of 20. (That's not counting the more subdued one and two-piece swimsuits.)

You can click on the names of the suits to order a set for yourself (or to the gents out there, your wife or girlfriend. Valentine's Day is coming up). There are a variety of patterns and styles to choose from besides the micro bottoms or triangle tops. That's what works for me and how I avoid multiple tan lines.

2006 Collection
1. Malibu Micro 2. Seabright Beach 3. Butterfly Beach 4. Butterfly Hologram 5. Itsy Bitsy Poka Dot 6. Hearts Desire 7. Open Weave 8. Sparkle Mesh

Malibu Micro Bikini Seabright Beach Butterfly Beach Butterfly Hologram Micro Bikini
Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini Hearts Desire Open Weave

2007 Collection
9. Malibu Crystal String 10. Laguna Beach 11. Mesh Butterfly 12. Malibu Sparkle Sheer 13. Malibu Micro String Back (Yellow) 14. Green Camouflage 15. White Mesh Foil Flame (Blue) 16. Shiny Silver with Lime Green piping* 17. Camouflage (Pink) 18. Hologram (Pink) 19. Gray Mesh with Silver piping* 20. Safari Beach

Malibu Crystal String Laguna Beach Mesh Butterfly Malibu Sparkle Sheer
Malibu Micro Bikini - String Back Green Camouflage White Mesh Foil Flame (Blue) Silver Green Piping
Camouflage-Pink Sheer Silver Piping Safari Bikini
*The Shiny Silver with Lime Green piping and Gray Mesh with Silver piping suits were custom made for me to match our Trick Powerboat.

2008 Collection

I don't have new suits for this year yet but with summer around the corner, I definitely need to expand my collection! I like the Pink Leopard and the Polka Dot Beach is really cute! I think my husband will be happy to support me in this hobby .

21. Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach Bikini


corrin said...

now i KNOW they don't make those in my size! :-)

Daly said...

LOL ... Corrin, YOU CRACK ME UP!!

Anonymous said...

My wife only has 5.White net,green camo,blue bandana, summerland,and black and white flame. Planning to add more soon. Crystal sting,navy/white polka dot, and the "jodi" teardrop are high on the list. She loves the suits and Tor has been great.

BK and KJ

Daly said...

KJ has suits that I would like! I don't have the summerland, bandana, white net, or b&w flames yet. Do the flames hold up on that suit? Are they made of foil?

Navy/white polka dot is cute and she's brave to try the teardrop. I don't think I can pull that one off ... LOL!!

Anonymous said...

No it isn't foil but rather a patterned fabric covered in clear sequins. You could wear the teardrop just like all these suits attitude plays a huge part in wearing them. try the bandana it is much prettier on than it looks in pictures. we have asked Tor to make a white sparkle sheer with the foil dots like the polka dot beach. He checked on the fabric and it can be done if the manufacturer can get enough orders for a run. We think the combination of the sheer and the dots would be great.

BK and KJ

Daly said...

Ooh ... I would love to have the sheer with dots. What a great idea, BK and KJ!!

Tor is great isn't he? We love him. He's such a giving guy and so modest for having all that he has including the sexiest bikini company in the world!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to have the second one LOL! Tell Tor you want one maybe we can get them made, he might even name it after KJ. Always fun to talk to you. You are the most positive person at least by the time it gets to "blog world" you are. We have to agree with you sexy bikinis may be the perfect collectable!!

ik said...

Very nice.

Hockeydude said...


Congrats on making it on the MS website site--again!

Such a tease! :)

Daly said...

@ BK, thank you and KJ for sharing the "KJ" bikini with me. I made sure to tell Tor I would love one for my collection. I am usually pretty positive because I beat on my husband nightly to get my aggressions out first ... LOL!! (one moment, please, I need to let him out of the attic)

@ Hockeydude, thanks for the congrats. I wasn't teasing, the rest of pics just didn't make the cut ;P

Anonymous said...

Very sexy, Really love fapping to your pics