Thursday, January 31, 2008

Taste Test

Tonight my innocent husband will be subjected to a blind taste test (he doesn't know it yet). A chicken drumstick taste test to see if he can taste the difference between El Pollo Loco's citrus marinated, flame-grilled fresh chicken and any old drumstick (fried and baked).

So here's the results of the taste test in the video below (2:20 in length). Our cats, Havi and Elgy, also wanted to be a part of the taste test so you can view their responses on the video.

If you enjoyed the video, please rate it at You can help the hard working cast win a little cash, a portable Webber Grill, and $100 gift card from El Pollo Loco! Muchos gracias amigos!

4 Diet Pitfalls and My Personal Journal

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Steps in a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know how many steps you should take a day for a healthy lifestyle? The numbers below are according to America on the Move, a national initiative dedicated to helping individuals and communities across the nation make positive changes to improve health and quality of life.
I decided to take the 6-week challenge and convert my daily steps into mileage on a virtual trail. Depending on your daily steps goal, there are different trails that you can select: Iditarod, China Silk Road, UK National, Oregon Trail, and Pacific Crest. I chose the Oregon Trail which requires that I average 8,266 steps per day!
Since I started the challenge on Monday, I have averaged 7,928 steps per day so this trail challenges me to increase my daily steps in order to reach my goal by March 10.
There are trail check points along the way, scenic trail stops, and I can also hear the sounds of the trail too! My first check point is Independence, Michigan. You can click the image below for a larger view and read the history of the charter township.
I am excited about my journey. This is one way that I can set small goals to achieve while striving towards the ultimate goal of getting in the best shape possible (but at the least, a beach body by summer)! If you are up for the challenge, join America on the Move and add me ( as a buddy so we can track our individual and group progress and support each other along the way!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Devil in Disguise?

My niece, Caelia, a/k/a Kitty Terrorist.

Don't get me wrong, we love our niece and that's why I've posted brag photos. She's almost three years old and she can read and write already. I received a card from her mom with wallet-sized photos of her and Caelia wrote on the card, "Hi AUNTiE".

Our cats may always remember her as the Kitty Terrorist but she's our only niece. (My husband doesn't siblings so we won't have nieces and nephew from his side of the family.) All we have is a nephew (Caleb) from my second sister, my niece (Caelia) from my oldest sister, and another one along the way (due in June) though the sex will not be known until birth.

My husband and I do not plan on having children so we can enjoy the perks of having nieces and nephews without the side effects of being parents ... LOL!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mr. Chia Pet Turtle Reborn

Mr. Turtle shed his flimsy hair of chia seeds and sprouts in favor of a new coat. This time, I made sure to soak the chia seeds thoroughly until they formed a gel like outer cover. The gelatinous seeds stuck to the grooves of his body which made it easier to spread the seeds over his shell. I also avoided overcoating him with too much seeds to prevent overcrowding and allow each of them room to grow.
If you click on the photo below for an enlarged view, you may be able to see a layer of gel surrounding Mr. Turtle's shell which I think will help to retain moisture around the chia seeds.
I will post photos of his progress and hopefully, we will have better success this time! If not, I'm afraid I will have to feed him to our cats. Okay, maybe not. Just thought I'd scare the seeds out of him ... .

Saturday, January 26, 2008

5 Tips to Apply to Weight Loss

I read an interesting article from Dumb Little Man Tips for Life listing 5 tips for living a fulfilled, complete life. I think the advice found therein is universal and can also be applied to the area of weight loss and physical fitness (which is my personal goal).

The article discusses these five points and I've included my comments on how these areas relate to me:
  • Turn Your Desires and Wants into Goals - my desire is to look great in a bikini for summer and I can accomplish that by a physical and healthy lifestyle.
  • Turn Your Goals into Habits - I'm exercising 3 to 5 times per week and making healthier food choices, consuming more water, and taking daily vitamin supplements.
  • Track Your Progress and Celebrate Your Accomplishments - this blog is my way of tracking my progress and I celebrate by shopping for sexy articles of clothing.
  • Watch Out For the Negatives - either people or internal negative thinking, etc. I'd like to add Look for the Positives such as a support network.
  • Keep Your Mind Open to Change - life is full of changes and challenges. If I am open to change then they will appear more as hurdles to overcome rather than a brick wall in my progress towards reaching my goal of becoming more fit and healthy.
All great advice and reminder to me to keep on trucking!

20 Bikinis and Growing

I remember one of the first things I collected as a child were soda cans. I'd shake them up, punch a hole in the "0" of the UPC code to drain it, and stacked them up in a staggered fashion (like how beer cans are usually stacked). I admired the assortment I had gathered in my room and eagerly awaited for the release of Coca-Cola's holiday soda cans. Eventually my collection got too large for my room. I was tired of them tumbling down with any slight breeze or vibration in the house so I recycled them and that was the end of my soda can collection.

Since then I've casually collected rocks, pennies (by each year), shot glasses from some of the places I've visited, and t-shirts. I still collect stamps from national parks and pressed pennies which I will have to share in photos soon.

What I didn't realize was how my collection of bikinis have grown over the past couple years. As I organized them this morning, wishfully thinking that summer would arrive already, it occurred to me that my collection of Malibu Strings suits have grown to a nice set of 20. (That's not counting the more subdued one and two-piece swimsuits.)

You can click on the names of the suits to order a set for yourself (or to the gents out there, your wife or girlfriend. Valentine's Day is coming up). There are a variety of patterns and styles to choose from besides the micro bottoms or triangle tops. That's what works for me and how I avoid multiple tan lines.

2006 Collection
1. Malibu Micro 2. Seabright Beach 3. Butterfly Beach 4. Butterfly Hologram 5. Itsy Bitsy Poka Dot 6. Hearts Desire 7. Open Weave 8. Sparkle Mesh

Malibu Micro Bikini Seabright Beach Butterfly Beach Butterfly Hologram Micro Bikini
Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini Hearts Desire Open Weave

2007 Collection
9. Malibu Crystal String 10. Laguna Beach 11. Mesh Butterfly 12. Malibu Sparkle Sheer 13. Malibu Micro String Back (Yellow) 14. Green Camouflage 15. White Mesh Foil Flame (Blue) 16. Shiny Silver with Lime Green piping* 17. Camouflage (Pink) 18. Hologram (Pink) 19. Gray Mesh with Silver piping* 20. Safari Beach

Malibu Crystal String Laguna Beach Mesh Butterfly Malibu Sparkle Sheer
Malibu Micro Bikini - String Back Green Camouflage White Mesh Foil Flame (Blue) Silver Green Piping
Camouflage-Pink Sheer Silver Piping Safari Bikini
*The Shiny Silver with Lime Green piping and Gray Mesh with Silver piping suits were custom made for me to match our Trick Powerboat.

2008 Collection

I don't have new suits for this year yet but with summer around the corner, I definitely need to expand my collection! I like the Pink Leopard and the Polka Dot Beach is really cute! I think my husband will be happy to support me in this hobby .

21. Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach Bikini

Friday, January 25, 2008


Found WeeWorld through Corrin and I thought I would make a WeeMee to share.

Very me, I think. There's just a minor detail that is missing. The WeeMee builder does not offer slanty eyes because uh ... HOT DOG! me no round eye (last I checked).

Oh ... and why the frog instead of a cat (to represent Havi or Elgy?)? I've always wanted a pet frog so at least my WeeMee can have a slimy friend.

Las Vegas Casino on Fire

I guess the Monte Carlo caught on fire just over 30 minutes ago. There's an article on USA Today about it. Our campus recruiters said they could see the smoke when they were giving a tour of the campus (our campus is just blocks from the strip near the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino).
I'll take photos if I can see anything and update this page with other articles that I find. I hope everyone is okay.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Full Moon

Did you see the moon on Tuesday night? It was so bright, it lit up the sky and clouds floating along.

Meet Bindy Sue

My husband's parents, John and Maggie, have a new baby in their family! Meet Bindy Sue, approximately three months old and (one of) the cutest calico I've ever seen. She looks like she could be sisters with our calico cat, Havi. (I say "one of the cutest" because if Havi were to read this, she'd certainly be upset with me )

Bindy Sue's parents report that she adjusting and will soon be best friends for life with the O.G., Yazi (short for Yazmini) pictured below.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trip to Valley of Fire

This past Monday my husband and I drove 55 miles from Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada's first state park.

In about half an hour, we were soon at the Redstone Dunes where these ancient red rocks sit like gigantic jewels against the desert canvas. We hiked along the 30-minute trail through the colorful ancient rocks formed over 140 million years ago by erosion. We enjoyed admiring the Aztec sandstone and cross bedding underneath the deep blue sky while white fluffy clouds float by. The day was sunny and the noise of Sin City was far, far away. We could have very well have been on the moon!
Drive to Valley of Fire Johnny Daly CIMG0279 Daly

Thereafter, we drove to Overton Beach Marina, now (sadly) defunct since the water level declined. All that remain is the launch ramp, a couple gas pumps, and the main station. Three miles from this location lies The Lost City submerged underneath Lake Mead. 1200 hundred years ago, people settled on the fertile floodplains of the Virgin and Muddy rivers but for unknown reasons, the town was abandoned by A.D. 1100.
Overton Beach Marina
Lake Mead CIMG0330 CIMG0327 deep pits

Finally, we were at the entrance of the Valley of Fire State Park. After a quick stop by the visitor center to stamp my park passport, we were off exploring a trail to Mouse's Tank (a natural basin in the rock where the water collects after rainfalls) past several displays of prehistoric Indian petroglyphs. I am pictured below standing where I can see Mouse's Tank and it's a long, long ways down.
Daly at Mouse's Tank
formation Petroglyph Canyon Trail start of hike Mouse's Tank petroglyph

The entire experience of the park and seeing the park's features including Elephant Rock, Beehives, and Arch Rock was just amazing. You just have to be there in person to truly appreciate its beauty. All I know was we were bummed when it was time to leave and head for home.