Thursday, December 27, 2007

You've Got No Mail

It's amazing how drastically our incoming mail drops after Christmas. For a time, we enjoyed all the Christmas cards that came in the mail each day and then like cold turkey--they stopped coming. It was so nice to get personal greetings rather than the slew of junk mail, bills, and invoices you know?

Now I am sure everyone will go back to their busy lives and we'll never hear from them until next year. Isn't that just sad?

This year, I resolve to send more greetings via snail mail and not solely for Christmas. Just to let our friends and family know that we are thinking of them. I am sure they are also thinking of us but life just moves too fast and often times we don't get a chance to mail cards to let each other know we're are in each others' thoughts.

You might say that's why there's e-mail but even with that, we don't hear enough from each other as often as I'd like. And then there's the good old fashion phone but I am always afraid I'll be interrupting something like...their life so I don't call. (I am SO bad about being on the phone anyway).

At least I have a blog as a medium to keep our family and friends posted. It's convenient for me to post an update on our lives and our family and friends are able read at their leisure. Now ... if only I can get them to build one of their own I would be a happy camper !

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