Thursday, December 13, 2007

YaYo Taco

Yesterday I went to lunch at YaYo Taco across campus for a co-worker's 30th birthday. I went with the Tacos Classico, a four taco combo so I could taste a variety of their gourmet hand-made tacos. Here they are listed in rank order:

  • Carne Asada: Yucatan style marinated char-grilled steak with cilantro onion relish
  • Pollo: pulled chicken in Yayo adobe mole and Tomatillo Serrano Verde
  • Camarones: Adobe style with Pineapple salsa
  • Pescado: pollock in crispy tempura beer batter topped with Napa slaw and Arbol Tequila Lime Salsa (I suspect the fish was battered to mask its fishy smell and taste. Fresh fish shouldn't have a fishy smell or taste.)
The tacos were all unique in flavor but I think I could have used a bottle of Tabasco and a squeeze of fresh lime (I thought the tacos were rather bland).
The combo came with a canned soda, a choice of pinto or black beans, quinoa salad (very interesting; it had a texture like fish eggs), and two sides, one of which I picked chips and salsa. The salsa was fresh, spicy, and very good--too bad I got it after I was done eating the tacos and practically my lunch.

Overall the tacos were pretty good--I'd try several of their other 14 tacos next time, the service was rather slow though the waitresses were very pleasant. I think the cooks were back there smoking something because they were so lagging in making lunch for our group--the only six people in the restaurant at the time. The restaurant itself is a pretty entertaining place to be with its bulky wooden chairs and tables and a wall filled with the patron's artwork and scribblings to keep your attention while you wait for food. Perhaps next time I would enjoy sampling the 150+ tequilas or 200+ beers and wine that they carry instead.


dom said...

that seasoned beef with onions and cilantro on a white corn tortilla can't be beaten. With lime juice on it. Simple, but real common. Specially in those taquerias in Chicago. Gotta be a small tortilla, bout 3-4 inches wide. Good stuff.....

Hello Daly said...

Yeah, Dom, they were on the small tortilla and just uhm-MM-mmm...tasty!!!