Sunday, December 30, 2007

When It's Cold Outside

On this Sunday morning, it is about 50°F in the Las Vegas area but still sunny, clear skies with low winds about 6 m.p.h. I don't know about where you live but it is cold for us desert rats but luckily we have a gas log heater in our living room to warm us up.

When our cats are not basking in the sun rays coming through the windows for warmth, they like to cuddle up on the tiles in front of the fireplace and I don't blame them for wanting to be extra toasty.

DESA's Online Outlet carries indoor and outdoor heating products including space heaters and vent free heaters. I would love one of these umbrella heaters for our patio and another vent free gas log heater for our master bedroom or master bath to keep us warm during these chilly months.

We have a couple more months of low temperatures before things heat up to the three digit temperatures where that suits our comfort but until then, these room heaters can heat our place up.

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