Sunday, December 30, 2007

Until Next Year, Santa

I had been feeling like I haven't accomplished much after a week off from work. All these lavish plans I had to do some winter cleaning hadn't quite happened yet but seriously, who wants to do housework while on vacation? We've been so busy while our house became a disaster zone, some deep cleaning was a necessary evil that couldn't be ignored any longer.

So yesterday, I took down the Christmas decorations and lights around the house and freed our potted Mondell Pine from its burden from the holidays. Our cats, Havi and Elgy, leaped around me excitedly like the day we put the decorations on the tree until they were tired and had to relax in their favorite places.
Once I started cleaning, there was no stopping me as I found myself organizing body lotions and pampering items I had received as gifts! Doing house chores can be therapeutic and completing them very rewarding; seeing our familiar home once again. I felt a personal sense of accomplishment and now I can reply that I've done something besides, "nothing" when my husband comes home and asks about my day and what I did.
Normally I would feel the After-Christmas Blues but none of those emotions were present. I was actually excited about taking down the decorations and looking forward to next Christmas when we can admire the shimmering lights, sip eggnog, and listen to songs of Christmas again. I am ready to move on to the new year already peeking its head around the corner and not one bit sad about Christmas having come and gone.

Santa was very good to me this year and I will have to share all the goodies I've received. Also that I can look back a year from now and remember this year's Christmas.

My husband got me and 8GB iPod Nano to replace my iShuffle. I had been fine with the iShuffle but after playing with the Nano, I don't how I had lived without it in the first place!
I also got a new pair of pearls from him so I can stop losing the ones I had received last Valentine's Day. They were studs and for some reason, won't stay on my (fat) ear lobes! I lost of one them a few weeks later at our first wedding anniversary dinner and then my husband's mom, Maggie, gave me her pair which I would lose and find, lose and find. I've managed to hang on to all three pearls but this new set with a different clasp has stayed put!
And the last gift my true love gave to me was a black Harley-Davidson velour suit that I just LOVE to wear (I have another set from Victoria's Secret but of unmatched quality). I'm going to wear these babies out! Too bad they don't come in different colors so I can have several pairs.

I would have to say this Christmas was just one of the best! I have enough sweet memories to last me until next year.

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