Sunday, December 09, 2007

Unraveled Stitches

Early November, I started a knitting project so I can make a scarf for each of my grandmothers as a gift for Christmas. My project was going so well and I had gotten pretty far along when I noticed that the scarf was getting wider and wider and wider ... taking the shape of something more like an hour glass. I mean--I could have sewn it together to make a nice pair of full-bottom, fuzzy panties!

Elgy busily counted my stitches while I contemplated about whether I should continue knitting or scrap that scarf and start all over.
One look at the girls sticking their tongue out at my first attempt to knit a scarf told me it was time to cut my losses, unravel my stitches, and start of a new scarf.
SIGH ... the scarf wasn't all a waste; at least Havi made use of it while Elgy cried about not having her own.
Since then my friend, Kristen, has taught me how to make a pearl and knit stitch so, by alternating them in counts of four or six, I can create rib patterns in the scarf. Grandma had also given me lessons in knitting while she was in town for Thanksgiving. (Little did she know the scarf I had attempted to knit was for her!)

Now, if I can just take the lessons I've learned and finish at least one scarf by Christmas, my project will not be a complete failure! Otherwise, I might have to buy commercially made ones and that totally defeats the purpose of giving something more personal and hand-made from me.