Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mirror Mints

I found this at Target the other night while were shopping for Christmas gifts. (My husband's place of work has an Angel Tree but the recipients are old folks at a nearby nursing home who don't have family or friends visiting them. They're not asking for iPods, motorcycles, or diamond rings but a pair of sox, a box of chocolates, pajamas, or a classical CD so we thought we'd help spread some holiday cheer to them this year.)

This little mint box is not only cute, it is also handy. It reveals a mirror when you slide the top open! Definitely a must have for every purse out there.
mirror mints
Little i TM has a personality series that have Cute, Flirt, High Maintenance, Hottie, and Spoiled Rotten on the mint cases. Let's see ... I think I'd like to have all of them. Doesn't every woman posses all of the above lovely personalities?
I would like to get my hands on the limited edition Naughty Santa TM mints...LOL!! It's just cute.

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