Monday, December 31, 2007

Hash House a Go Go Las Vegas

For lunch, my husband and I ventured out West to Hash House a Go Go where the food is just ... BIG. The Las Vegas location (just minutes from the Strip on Sahara Boulevard) is the only other establishment in addition to the first restaurant in San Diego, CA. Since its opening in September of 2007, we've never been so we thought we'd check it out before heading to a bicycle shop.
There was a 20-minute wait which we didn't mind at all (it's also a big holiday weekend) and just got ourselves a healthy serving of Bloody Mary from the bar. What struck us was one of the grumpy and rude hostesses (not sure what her problem was but she should quit if she's so unhappy there).
As I mentioned previously, everything at Hash House a Go Go is BIG from the food portions to drinks. Our Bloody Mary was served in what had to have been at least a 16 oz. highball and garnished with jalapeño stuffed peppers, a lemon, dill pickle, and pickled green bean. YUM--just what we needed to hold us over until lunch was served.
Soon after we were seated, our waiter greeted us. He was attentive and pleasant to us the entire time (which compensated for the hostess on PMS.) I ordered from the brunch menu one of the house hashes: chorizo served with two eggs, fruit and a biscuit. I loved it because it was spicy and full of flavor.
Johnny ordered the BBBLT which was a HUGE sandwich with loads of bacon and, to mitigate damages to the arteries, it was served with salad and a nice light dressing .
It's a good thing we were hungry because the portions were enough to choke a horse and would make any eater feel inadequate. As you can see, my husband was more than ready to dig in.
Would we go back to Hash House a Go Go? Sure. If you ever go there, make sure to go hungry!
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Annejelynn said...

my honey-man went there before the break and was just gushing and gushing about it, said we HAFTA go!

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