Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hair, Shoes, and Dresses

My hair has been growing out and the color fading since the last cut and I had to decide what I would like to do with my hair during my visit to the hairstylist. I wasn't sure whether to let it grow out or cut it short one more time.
My hairdresser is always good with helping me decide. We gave it more layers for volume, cut it shorter in the back for a more wedge-look, and placed large slices of a bright cherry red into my hair (it's a lot brighter in person). This is the last time for several months that my hair will be this short. From here on out, we're going to phase it out so I can have longer hair for summer.
Earlier this week, I received a shipment from with ... ta-da! two dresses. One to wear to my husband's work holiday party...(this one is called Short Story. Doesn't the model kind of look like Vanessa Williams?)
Short Story
...and the other for a New Year's Eve party at our friend's, Josh and Steve. (This one is called Going Solo but going solo I am not!)

Going Solo
If you are looking for an evening, cocktail, prom, wedding dress, or something to wear to the night clubs, you should check out by designer Odette Christiane whose designs have been featured in many nice department stores and even on the gorgeous ladies of the NBC show, "Deal or No Deal". I especially like that the dresses are not only well made and gorgeous but they are sexy which is surprisingly hard to find in Sin City.

My dresses came wrapped in these tissue paper with a couple butterfly appliqués which was a nice touch.
Every new dress deserves a new pair of shoes right? so last night, my husband took me to the mall to find a pair to go with my Short Story dress. Every cute pair I found was not available in my size until we finally found this one. It happens to be the exact pair that I wore for my wedding except it had a white satin background with the sparkly swirls. The heels (4") were tall enough that it saved me from having to hem the bottom of my gown.

The parties should be fun and I'll make sure to post pics from the events even though the dresses, however gorgeous they are, won't make me look quite like the Vanessa Williams look-a-like model but I am happy just to have a couple dresses from the beautiful collection of A special thanks to Tor!


Anonymous said...

Thank you

Corrin said...

good lord those are some heels! i wear flats 99% of the time, so heels scare me. ha.

REW said...

Awww, how gorgeous!! I always wonder how extensions would look in my red hair. I've had short hair for as long as I can remember and you've sort of inspired me with this post!