Thursday, December 27, 2007

From Dances With Wolves

My husband and I received one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts this year from his uncle, Frank, and aunt, Leanna: a cap and scarf worn by Frank when he was casted as Lt. Tucker in the Kevin Costner movie, Dances with Wolves and a t-shirt which was given to the cast and crew during production.
You may recall that uncle Frank has Alzheimer's and so we participated in the Memory Walk this year in honor of him. To receive something so special made our Christmas that much better. We will frame his shirt, hat, and scarf to display in our home.
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Dano said...

I'll have to pay closer attention next time I watch that film to see him in there. Which scene is he in again?

Daly said...

I vaguely remember watching the movie. I was thinking of renting it so we can spot uncle Frank. I'll let you know which scene he is in.

Will Dunniway said...

Greeetings. My name is Will Dunniway. I stubbled on your blog and found your images and story about your uncle Frank. He had gifted you the kepi and such from the set of Dances With Wolves.

Frank (Tucker) and I were good friends on the set of Dances With Wolves back in August of 1989. I made a few images of him as Tucker and Costner directing him in the role of Lt. Tucker. I was his First Sergeant of his Confederate Infantry line

If you or his family would be interested I could forward these images to you via email, or whatever.

I am saddened to have found out today of the death of Frank in 2009. I find this world a little more empty without his wit and sense of humor. His baby blue eyes would dance as he wove his camp fire tales. Even Kevin Costner on the set in South Dakota yelled at Frank, "Frank it is your eyes, use your eyes damn it, that is why I hired you!" I have a few really funny stories about him, Kevin and Franks Horse.

Best to all. Tuckers old friend >>>Will (and Frances) Dunniway