Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Boulder City

The Friday before Christmas, my husband and I went to his parents, John and Maggie's, home for dinner and to open our gifts to each other. Upon entering, there stood a huge Noble Fir standing strong and tall in the living room. (My niece, Caelia, is 2 1/2 years old and she had said, "Wow, this is perfect!" as she swung her tiny arms in a huge circle to outline all that she saw; her face glowing. I had taken her to their house to check on John and Maggie's cat, Yazi, while they were at a gun show.) Everything, indeed, was perfect.

Through all the stress from the holidays, I had started to lose the spirit of Christmas but gained it back after stepping into what could have very well been Santa's home.
Their tortoise shell cat, Yazi, was soaking in our company and the warmth of gifts near the Christmas tree as we sat around the tree, admiring the ornaments and sipping cocktails before dinner.
After dinner, we started the opening of gifts. I received from John and Maggie what I wanted most for Christmas, a food dehydrator (I'll explain later why), a long-sleeve plaid shirt (something not yet in my wardrobe but will have the next time we take a trip to the outdoors like when we went to Ely, NV), and a couple tea cups that coordinate with our wedding dishware to replace the ones broken by our cat, Havi, when she jumped into the cabinet where our nice glassware is stored. Martini glasses, high balls, low balls were among the things broken but we've since replaced through the holiday sales.
Here John is modeling a hat worn by his brother in the movie, Dances With Wolves. The hat was given to us as a gift from uncle Frank and aunt Leanna, along with a scarf and t-shirt. It was truly a straight-from-the-heart gift that we'll always treasure.
What a wonderful evening it was. The perfect ending to a long work week and a great beginning to some much needed vacation time.

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