Friday, December 14, 2007

Better Than Jalapeño Stuffed Olives

What's better than Jalapeño stuffed olives? Jalapeño Jack Cheese stuffed olives!! I found these last night at the grocery store. They will go great in my dirty martini the way I like it:
  • Rinse the inside of a chilled martini glass with vermouth.

  • Shake ice, gin, and a couple splashes of olive juice in a martini shaker. (I like my martinis very dirty. )

  • Strain into the well-chilled martini glass.

  • Garnish with a string of alternating Jalapeño stuffed olives and Jalapeño Jack Cheese stuffed olives. Uhm-MMM! Spicy!

  • Enjoy!

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dom said...

That animated banana is WAY TOO excited.....

Corrin said...