Sunday, December 16, 2007

Awaiting Approval

I can't help but get frustrated when I post a comment on blogs, or websites, (no ... that does not include not MySpace at all ) and they have censorship on their posts. You know, something that goes like ...
This user requires all comments to be approved before being posted. Your comment has been submitted to this user for approval.
Seriously, I think it takes the whole spontaneity out of everything if the comments have to be approved before posting. It just robs me of the thrill of instantly seeing my words on the Internetz, man! It's kind of like seeing your Christmas present, wrapping it up, and then opening it with a slap-happy look on my face because I already know it's a good gift (na, na, ni, na, na). I guess I would wrap up the bad comments and ... re-gift it?

You may ask what if someone posted something really mean, like an ex-bf/gf? Or someone spoiled a surprise by commenting? Here's my deep down personal opinion about that.

There's a comment section for a reason so if I didn't want the honest opinion of my readers--good, bad, embarrassing, whatever, I wouldn't allow people to comment or wouldn't add them as my friend in the first place. If my friends made stupid comments or didn't exercise their judgment to use discretion when appropriate then they are not my true friends and I think you know where they go.

I don't have comment censorship on my blog because it is a personal blog and I open it up to the personal thoughts of others (the case may be different for a professional website where only helpful or relevant comments will posted). But if I don't like the comment, you know what I do?

Delete it. [Evil laughing ensues].

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