Thursday, December 13, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is my First Premolar

I picked up a package of these of these tic tac mints in cherry passion flavor (it's funny that they don't even taste minty). Well I'm addicted to eating (or more like biting) them; the cherry and passion fruit flavor tastes so good and so I have been chewing on these mints all morning.
These little buggers are quite hard to bite if you don't suck on them first and for a second I thought I should be careful because I might chip a tooth much like Annjelynn did just biting in apples ... but then I didn't I would actually chip a tooth. (Side note: I still have all 32 of my teeth despite pleas to my dentist to pluck my wisdom teeth out. He couldn't see a reason why since they grew out just fine and my big ass mouth has room for them but I don't like having so many teeth in my mouth--it kinda freaks me out and makes my mouth feel full. They're full alright ... full of teeth.)

Well sure enough I really chipped one of my first premolars. I know because my tongue is familiar with the texture of my teeth and the chipped tooth is scratching my tongue right now. And after peeking in the mirror to compare the two lower premolars ... there is definitely a chip on the inside of one. Shoot! I am such a dork!

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Kashmir said...

Awwwwwwww... My probecita. You are now a woman. j/k. Geezzzzzzzz. I wish my boss would stop asking about