Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yellow No Polka Dot Bikini

Daly on Malibu Strings 2007
Malibu Strings offers many different styles for tops and bottoms in an array of cute patterns, not just the itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis that I like to wear. The ability to mix and match top and bottom sizes (and styles) helps to ensure a perfect and most flattering fit because our bodies are all different.

Last year, I wore small tops and bottoms but the fit was kind of out of proportion for me so I switched to the medium tops and micro bottoms.

During the summers when the weather in Vegas reaches three digits, we cool off in the waters of Lake Mead and Lake Havasu. Being exposed to the sun for hours during the weekends requires attention to avoiding sun tan lines and that's why I like the string back bottoms. Malibu String suits are not only sexy, they are comfortable, durable, and stay put when we're speeding across the lakes and rivers!


Hockeydude said...

one word---WOW!!!

And congrats on being on the MS cover page.

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, Doug. :)