Monday, November 19, 2007

View from office window

I work in the oldest building on campus but I have this little window from which to peer through that offers me a view of the outside world. For a moment I can forget all about this building, the old dust, and very public bathrooms that gives my work place its character. (Our new building is under construction with less than a year to completion.)

We've been lucky to have this nice weather for the past several weeks since summer ended. The temperatures in the Las Vegas area have been in the upper 70's, low 80's and my husband tells me that today's high will be record breaking for this time of year. But the warm weather will surely end with the start of Thanksgiving according to the forecasts.

Vegas can be cold in December and January where average temperatures have dipped to around 37 degrees. Brrr ... I am wishing summer was already here.


Corrin said...

i am very jealous of your window, my office doesn't have a single one!

Hello Daly said...

I wasn't joking either when i said "little window". it's up high where the wall meets the ceiling and so i have to tip toe or stand on a chair to look outside. that's still better than when i use to sit in a cubicle with no windows nearby underneath a huge dusty vent ... lol!!

I do miss the window of my previous office on the other side of the campus where i had a view of The Strip! But most of the time, i didn't notice because I sat with my back to the window.

Dolly said...

Although I do enjoy the fall, the weather is perfect for running at Red Rock. And of course football. I can't wait to get back to summers at the pool and being TAN! We have to check out a few different "beaches" next summer.

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, Dolly, for reminding me about the upside to fall.