Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uses for Digital Cameras

One of the essential things I always carry with me in addition to my keys, phone, and wallet is my digital camera. A Casio Exilim EX-S600 and it goes everywhere with me because digital cameras can be a useful tool beyond taking simple portraits. Its lightweight and small size (3.5 x 2.3 x 0.6 in) makes it very portable and ease of use is as simple as: turn on, point, and shoot so I can quickly capture those unexpected moments.

As a result, picture-taking is very much a part of my everyday life as brushing my teeth is. I take photos (and at times videos) with my digital camera constantly and of almost everything: my husband, cats, scenery, food, car, events, friends and family--you name it. My photo library has gotten so large, it is hard to choose from my favorite photos to print and frame.

However, there are more uses for digital cameras besides its practical purpose. I have used my camera to:
  • take photos of notes on the board or screen in class (to refer to when filling the gaps of my handwritten notes)
  • document my weight loss by taking photos of myself over a period of time
  • use photos as memos of what I need (or the husband needs) to pick up from the store
  • take photos of the contents in boxes such as my shoes or archived items and paste the picture on the outside of the box which allows me to see what is inside at a glance
  • capture ideas that inspire me for implementation in my home improvements, for example, a room display or table setting
  • to communicate (messages through photos (or videos) can be louder than words) such as step-by-step visual instructions
  • take inventory of items for our home insurance
  • once I was checking out of a home improvement store and the clerk needed a price check; I zoomed in on a photo I took of the item with its price tag and she accepted my proof!
  • make time-lapse photography (of the funny faces my husband makes)
These are just a few ideas but there are a whole lot more applications for digital cameras than I've listed here.

Since I started capturing images with digital cameras, I've learned some surefire ways to help me get great pictures almost every time and a few of my tips are to fill up the frame with the subject, avoid too much head room above the subject, and try different angles to make the photo interesting. (I can talk about digital photography forever if you ever want to share tips and ideas.)

However, there is only so much a point-and-shoot compact digital camera like mine can do. Sometimes the more professional quality images require an SLR because of all the advantages it has over my camera, one of which is how it performs in low-light conditions (a weakness point of my Casio amongst other features) and creating depth of field (which is hard for me to do with the manual setting of my camera). If I were to get another camera not-every-day use, it would be the Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 or the Canon EOS 30D.

But for time being, my camera works for my shooting needs and I just love to have fun with it!!

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