Monday, November 12, 2007

Trip to the Grocery Store

My husband and I came back from the grocery store earlier this evening and we were laughing about the eclectic items we picked up. What was a simple trip to pick up chocolate milk, fresh cut flowers for the house, and a quick stop at the pharmacy located inside the market turned out to be an adventure. Isn't that how it always goes?

Johnny found these Hot Wheels to expand his 20-year collection and my niece, Caelia, now has shared a interest after watching the Disney movie, Cars. So we picked up some cars for her and my husband.
Then I saw this cute little ornament would perfectly match the tree skirt I picked up so I just had to have it. (One can never have too many ornaments!)
Then right before we left, we saw this movie kiosk and decided to give it a try: swipe card, select movie, and the DVD is dispensed. For $1.08 we rented Deck the Halls to watch tonight and honestly, we have not a clue as to what the story is about besides that the movie revolves around Christmas. We just thought it would be the start of getting into the Christmas spirit. (I would have also walked out of the grocery store with a book of postcard stamps had the USPS vending machine accepted my crumpled dollar bills...LOL.)
We had no idea that our grocery store would become a one-stop shopping center. Maybe it always has been that way and we just started to take notice. In any case, it's nice to discover that we have these conveniences all in one place .

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