Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Story Behind Hello Daly and New Blog Title

Whenever I introduce myself, "Hello. My name is Daly.", people inevitably sing the song from the musical, Hello Dolly!, to me because my name is pronounced like "Dolly". (Funny, I have never seen the musical or heard the song.) How an Asian girl got a name pronounced like "Dolly" is another story.

A couple years back, I purchased the domain name, where my blog is published. Not having any creative juices to pick a clever or original blog title for my website, I called it (drum roll please) ~-Hello Daly -~ (and cymbal crash) though it can be anything, any title I want to give it.

I think the title has remained "Hello Daly" since the inception of this blog but I don't think it quite captures the spirit of my blog. Yeah, I know my blog is a mish-mash of a lot of topics unlike those focused on topics like technology, business, fashion, cooking, or what have you.

I tried to brainstorming for new names in the past with no luck and recently my brain has been cranking again. This morning, I came up with "Three Girls One Guy" because our two female cats, Havi and Elgy, and I make up the three girls and my husband makes the one guy (and so I changed the title). Kind of like the sitcom, Three's Company, but more like Four's Company (my husband's idea).

I realize sexual ideas may come to mind from the new title instead of three girls living in a household with one guy so I am not sure if I'm committed to "Three Girls One Guy" as a title for the long run. Once again, I am at a loss for a name for my blog. The last call for names for my car was successful so I thought I would ask you what you think of the new title and if you have any suggestions for a different title. Okay ... fire away!

(How do parents decide on a name for a child and stick with it? I am guessing that's why my parents put every letter in my first (now middle) name--because they were indecisive and it seems I've inherited those genes!)


Anonymous said...

I would vote to keep the old name very catchy and personal........

Hello Daly said...

Thanks for your input. I'm still attached to the old name. It is easier to remember. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the old name! It IS you, because when I think about you and your life and the things you have taught me through your experiences, I think "HELLO!," like thats how I should be thinking, or how I should be living life and enjoying everyone and everything. I know you are not overly extensive, but you do have an unique quality that is thoughtful, reflective and knowledgible.

I can see why people would get the other interpetation, like, "hay hay, hay! Helllllllllllo Daly/Dolly!!!" Well, to be honest theres a little of that too; like when you have your Malibu Strings stuff on. W-O-W-Z-E-R-S.... lol. -Kashmir

Corrin said...

i love hello daly, too! it's personalized, unique, and cute!

Hello Daly said...

~- Hello Daly -~ it is. Thanks guys, for persuasive your input and support.