Monday, November 05, 2007

Stephen King's The Mist

We have seen a lot of good movies lately including The World's Fastest Indian (based on a documentary about an elderly man who built a record-holding motorcycle in his garage) and The Ultimate Gift (a trust fund grandson learns valuable lessons in life after the death of his grandfather). Pretty much family, drama, and adventure-type films.

I've never been one to watch horror films like The Mist by Stephen King, to be released in theaters everywhere November 21st. The new film is about a freak storm that engulfs a small town unleashing creatures that leave the citizens holed-up in a supermarket to fight for their lives. I watched the trailers which piqued my curiosity to go watch the movie on a super big screen like that in a nearby theater .

Steven King's name is pretty much synonymous with "horror novels" and the equally terrifying movies based off of his written works (I have seen Carrie, Misery, and It). But there are the great movies not often thought of such as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and Stand By Me.

Out of all the movies I've seen that based off his novels, I would have to say Pet Sematary was my favorite. That movie scared the living daylight of me though I can't pinpoint exactly why it still leaves such a strong impression in my mind. Maybe because of the idea that if we could bring our beloved pet or someone back to life even though they would be evil--would we do it? Obviously the family in the movie thought it was worth it but then their baby boy (brought back to life) started murdering them. I have only one word to describe that movie and that is, "creepy". Do you have favorite Stephen King movie?

This movie, The Mist, also seems like a hair raising flick. Having a strange mist shroud the city, bringing with it bizarre and blood-thirsty creatures, and fighting for your life in the confines of a grocery store would be mighty scary if you ask me. What caused the mist? Where did the creatures come from? Will anyone survive or will this town become a ghost town? What happens after this town ceases to exist? Makes me not want to step into a grocery store of a small town anytime soon.

You don't have to read my babbling any longer--just watch the trailers for yourself and let me know what you think: Would you watch the movie when it comes out?


Kristen said...

Pet Sematary freaks me out to!! For me it's the whole evil little kid thing, the pitter-patter of his little feet as he giggles and calls "Mommy come play with me!). Kids are supposes to embody pure innocence, not evil. One more reason I've never been able to watch the Omen.

Hello Daly said...

I've never seen the Omen but I agree with you on Pet Sematary. He was such a cute kid, too! I'll never forget the scene when he kills his grandpa with that scalpel. AND HE WAS GIGGLING that sick little bastard!!!