Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The nerve

A while back I made a personal decision to stay off a forum because I didn't want to be a part of the drama that seems to fuel some people. I composed a post on my blog and mind you, I was pretty upset when I did it but my blog is my on-line diary and if I can't vent in honesty then who am I fooling? I write for myself and if others can find enjoyment in reading my babblings then by all means be my guest.

So this morning I received an anonymous comment in response to said ranting post, "Strong words....Mind if I post a copy of this at HotBoat [the forum]?"


For the record, this person comes to MY BLOG and attempts to instigate drama. Come on now.

I basically said s/he is welcome to post it but doing so would serve as a prime example of the reason I chose to leave the forum--the drama. (There are helpful and positive posts but I was so disgusted with a certain thread that I could never get that bad taste out of my mouth.)

The nerve of some people, huh? My ranting post was harsh but I don't see a reason why anyone should take it so personally if it had nothing to do with them. It's my blog, I can post what I want and it was my personal choice to stay out of the forums, what's the purpose of dragging me back into it? It's not my intention to be mean here but seriously, I resolve to keep drama out of my life (my method for staying insane(ly happy)). Life's too short to feed off the negatives. Why?

Sorry, it's the day before Thanksgiving but I just have to rant and for that, I am thankful of the medium (my blog) through which I can do so! Okay...I guess I should also be thankful for having readers on my blog too.

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