Saturday, November 17, 2007

Marrying in the Nude

Okay, way to start my Saturday morning. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop, drinking crème brûlée flavored coffee, and flipping through the t.v. channels when I stopped at E! Entertainment Television because something caught my eye...a group of people marrying in the nude! (I'm not judging what they are doing; I'm all for having your dream wedding--whatever that may be but it was something said an interview that made me stop for a listening to music when suddenly the vinyl scratched.)

So they interviewed one of the couples (naked in a pool but positioned as to not expose their private parts and the guy said something like,"...I bet other people wished they had the guts to do what we did (got married in the nude)."

Uhm ... no thanks. I very much loved my wedding gown and have no regrets whatsoever over not baring it all for our wedding guests to see while we exchanged our nuptial vows!! I'm sure that those who wished to get married in the nude (and had the guts) did and those who didn't have the guts wore a bikini (sorry, very flat joke alluding to Pamela Lee-Anderson's wedding to (what's his name ) rocker Tommy Lee).

Now that I've had my laughter to start the day with, I need to hop in the shower and get ready to meet my friend, Annejelynn, this morning. We're going to a Purrfect Friends Parking Lot Sale. It'll tell you more about that later. Gotta get going now! Hope you have a great weekend.


Corrin said...

i have to admit that i was looking for your wedding pictures the other day when i noticed your anniversary countdown on the top of your page. i figured you did something fun! very pretty.

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, Corrin. Our wedding was a mix of tropical and Asian themed. The guests wore Hawaiian shirts and summer dresses, we decorated with white lights, tiki torches, colorful Chinese lanterns, and gave away fortune cookies in takeout boxes for favors. It was a lot of fun!

It's almost been two years since our wedding and I still have to make an album from all of the photos but here are a few on Flickr.