Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ

dinner at Lucille's
For 2 years we've lived near Green Valley Ranch and have never been to Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ so this past Saturday, we decided to meet up with some customers of Johnny's and listen to some live Jazz music at the bar while we waited for a table. The main reason we have not had a meal at the BBQ restaurant was because there is always a wait of an hour to get seated -- at least one hour minimum.

It was well worth the wait because the food was just delicious. I had the BBQ Black Tiger Shrimp and my husband ordered the Lucille's BBQ Combo Platter. Mmm...we just love BBQ!!


johnny said...

Who is that Mexican dude you are with?

Corrin said...

That food looks awesome and I'm dying to stay at the Green Valley Ranch on our next visit to LV.