Monday, November 12, 2007

Little Things Add Up

We picked up these 1-1/8" Swirl'Z satin chrome spiral ball knobs to replace the ones on the pantry. The pear design was cute but the old knobs didn't match the new look of our kitchen.

(old knobs)
The new knobs look much better and were quite comfortable to pull on when opening the pantry. They have a swirl on them which I think gives them a little more personality than if we had went with plain stainless steel knobs.

(new knobs)
A couple weeks ago, we changed out the old plastic wallplates with with brush satin stainless steel ones and replaced the brass knobs on the cabinets with stainless steel bar pulls.

(changes to hardware)
I think this completes all of the changes to the hardware in our kitchen. Little things but they all add up to the big picture.
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