Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy and Sad News

Happy news: My sister (Chante), her husband (Sam), and my niece (Caelia, pronounced say-lee-a)) are in town from Washington (state) since Tuesday. Sam is here for a financial conference at the Red Rock Casino and Chante and Caelia decided to accompany him on this trip so I took some time off from work so that we can get in some family time while they are here.

My niece, Caelia, is almost three years old (her and her dad share the same birthday so that is cool). It's amazing how fast she has grown. She's walking and talking ... saying things that I wouldn't expect of a 2 1/2 year old and quite a cat terrorizer. She can already count to ten and read.
Sad news: Chante, Caelia and I went grocery shopping this morning so we can make lunch and some Asian dishes that I have never quite learned to make while I was living at home. Now I depend on when my sisters visit because they know how to cook the dishes my mom makes. (I was the youngest of four girls so I was always in the living room playing video games with my little brother while the rest of the women in the household were cooking. I regret that now ... LOL!)

When we got home, we learned that Sam's mom had passed away this morning from her long-term battle with MS. Even though we knew her time was limited, her passing was still unexpected. I believe she's only in her 50's [edit: she was diagnosed with MS when she was 25 and passed away at 55 years old). Far too young for someone I remembered as being so loving and giving (the last time I saw her, it was four Christmas' ago...and it felt like yesterday because I still remember her so vividly). She had a passion for crafts and cried over everything that made her happy. When we last parted (she and her husband live in Canada), I remember her giving me advice on cross-stitching. We will miss her and will be thinking of her this Christmas ... just 22 days short of her next birthday.
My heart goes out to Sam; he was her only son. I don't think anyone is ever ready for the passing of a parent. You just expect them to be there forever and ever (even though you know they won't), you know?


Corrin said...

Your niece is cuter than a bug's ear. Sorry to hear about her grandma.

Annejelynn said...

Pascal and I read this last night and we both burst into tears - - he first! please let your family know that we feel for their loss and wish them comfort!

Hello Daly said...

I will, Annejelynn. Thank you.